We at Envic-Sense manufacture and develop measuring instruments, which enable our customers to bring the instruments into the environment and receive on-site answers.

Our background from the defense industry has given us valuable experience and knowledge in building instruments that can handle tough environmental conditions.

By being able to easily carry out accurate measurements with answers within 10 minutes for water samples (soil samples within one hour), you get a quick decision base as a user. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to get quick answers to very low levels of toxic substances in water and soil samples.

Envic-Sense was founded by the spouses Peter and Eva-Lena Gårdhagen, both hold a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Peter graduated in 1984 and Eva-Lena graduated in 1985.

Eva-Lena born 1959 is the company’s CEO and has more than 15 years of experience for from the Swedish Defense Industry; at Ericsson Radio Systems in Gothenburg she worked with advanced radar systems; at Bofors in Karlskoga she worked in one of the Swedish Defense Industries largest projects Combat Vehicle 90 and had the role of Safety Manager and LSA Manager.
Furthermore, Eva-Lena has worked as a technical consultant at the 3K Acoustics Agency in Gothenburg with sound and vibration isolation and Finite Element Models calculations.

Eva-Lena has also been Tender Manager at Bombardier Transportation in Västerås responsible for long term Maintenance Contracts (5- 20 years of deployment) on train fleets at department for After Sales Market.

Eva-Lena has also experience as a Technical Consultant Engineer on own company. Eva-Lena supported in project management and technical assistance to, among others, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. For several years, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency conducted two extensive studies within the EU aimed at increasing knowledge about how anti personal mines could be traced through various types of gas sensors. Eva-Lena was responsible for the methodology for sampling and for evaluation of technical data and results.
After completed projects at the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, Eva-Lena decided to, together with Peter Gårdhagen, to develop a measuring field instrument for analysis of water- and soil samples. Eva-Lena is a patent name for all of the company Envic-Sense’s patents.

Peter born in 1957 is the company’s CSO / CTO and has many years of experience with more than 20 years from Research and Development within Defense Industry Equipment. First as a designer and project manager and later as manager of various positions. Peter started his career in 1984 after graduation with a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Ericsson Radio Systems in Gothenburg. At Ericsson Radio Systems Peter worked with design of high-tech key components for the fighter JAS 39 Gripen radar system. Peter quickly advanced to manager at the age of 26. In 1987, Peter began to work for Bofors in Karlskoga, where he was Manager of Fire Control System for Combat Vehicle 90, one of the Swedish Defense Industry’s largest projects. Peter has also been a Program Manager for a brand new weapon system for combating modern battle tanks.
In 1995 Bofors started the company Bofors Applied Technologies, and Peter became responsible for the project, which was popularly called “Bofors Artificial Dog Nose” or “Bofors Schnauzer”. The project aimed at using gas sensors instead of dogs for detection and search for drugs and explosives. The project was an international collaboration between researchers from several different countries. The project was sold by Bofors and the new owners founded Biosensor Applications in 1997. Peter joined the new company and was development director until 1999. Peter is a patent name for several of Biosensor Applications’s patents. In 1999 Peter became development manager at defense company Nammo Liab in Lindesberg. The main task of Nammo Liab was to develop methods for the destruction of different types of ammunition.
In 2000, Peter, together with Eva-Lena, started the consulting company G2 Ingenjörsbyrå. As a consultant on G2, Peter came to work with the Swedish Rescue Services Agencies, NIROS and KCEM (Competence Centre for Energetic Materials). In 2006, Peter and Eva-Lena decided to start the company Envic-Sense with the aim of developing an on-site field instrument for analysis of water and soil samples with regard to primarily heavy metals. Peter is a patent name of all Envic-Sense’s patents.

Eva-Lena Gårdhagen


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
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Peter Gårdhagen


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
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