FREEDD is an instrument that can measure small amounts of heavy metals in water and soil.

The instrument has a field-adapted design and uses measuring cells that are changed when consumed. The use of measuring cells makes it possible to leave the lab and bring the instrument into the field, factory, power plant, etc.

The technology that FREEDD is built around is called QCM, Quartz Crystal Microbalance and it is a technology that is well established within the field of biochemistry. The technique simply means that you measure the self-frequency of a crystal that constitutes the sensor itself. By surface treating the sensor, different substances can be selectively adhered to the surface of the crystal thereby changing the frequency of the crystal corresponding to how much has stuck on the crystal surface.

Tutorial film FREEDD (Envic-Sense)

Product Info

FREEDD is a system consisting of:

-Measuring instrument

-Laptop / Surface with software installed

-USB cable between measuring instrument and laptop / surface

-Cabling for network laptop / surface

-Cabling for network instruments

-Chargers for battery operation

-10 optional measuring cells

-Preparatory kit for water samples

-Instructions for measuring and handling of FREEDD